January 1, 2016

Cinnamon log slices

This was a cookie disaster! I ripped this recipe out of an old Martha Stewart Living magazine and had it stuffed in my binder of recipes, but I never tried it. I should've looked it up online and read the reviews first...It looks like it was a disaster for almost everyone who wrote a review- to the point that I wonder if the one positive review is a plant.

I've made cookies for which you have to roll several layers of dough, so it's not like I don't know how to do that. These layers wouldn't stick together. And the outside of the cookies wanted to stick to everything. Then cutting the slices was a mess.

Even if these cookies weren't a giant pain to make, there's the flavor to consider. There wasn't any. I was a little concerned when I was looking at the ingredients and there was hardly anything that would make these cookies taste like something other than flour. This is how bad the cookies were- Dave only ate half a cookie and agree that I should throw them all away. That's unheard of. This was a waste of time and ingredients and an extreme disappointment.
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