March 15, 2013

New Bolton

I visited New Bolton this past week.  New Bolton is a large animal veterinary center associated with the University of Pennsylvania.  My cousin's horse has been having soundness problems, so I went with her, horse in tow, to this 700 acre campus.  New Bolton has a reputation of veterinary excellence.  I was curious to see the place.

my cousin and her horse
New Bolton not only lived up to my expectations, it exceeded them.  The facilities were impressive.  The vets were knowledgeable and friendly.  I was surprised by how down-to-earth they all were.  The vets also explained everything that was happening and let us see everything that they were doing.  That included seeing the horse undergo x-rays and ultrasounds.  It was incredibly interesting.  Even the veterinary students were more competent than one would think students would be.

I referred to the New Bolton Center as a large animal veterinary center.  It is most associated with horses, but there are other animals there, too.  I saw goats, cows, and calves.  I spotted two llamas.  The llamas were pretty cute.  So were the calves.  I tried not to think about how the calves were probably going to be eaten.  Moo?


  1. What a tease this title was! I thought you were going to tell us that Michael Bolton was releasing some more of his signature easy-listening musical magic.

    1. It's not the Bolton who has to file TPS reports, either.


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