December 14, 2013

The gentleman beagle

I haven't blogged about the gentleman beagle lately.  He has not been appreciating the snow.

If I close my eyes, I can will away the snow.
The beagle heads right for the blankets after being outside in the winter.  He prefers to make his own beagle nests.

This is my nest.
Kenobi does not like when I disturb him in his nests, even though he usually uses MY blankets to make them.

Ah, lovely nest.
He often makes nests on my bed, which means that when it's time to wash the sheets and the blankets, he gets slightly annoyed.

Give me back the blankets.  Now.
Most often, I find him lost in a lump of blankets.

No beagles here.  Go away.
I don't mind.  He knows he gets whatever he wants.  I can't resist the power of the cuteness.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force...when you wouldn't give me any bean dip.

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