January 19, 2014

Best ever chocolate pudding

A good friend of mine gave me Joanne Chang's cookbook Flour, so I'm going to be gleefully baking from this wonderful book.  I'd try every recipe.  They all look great.

Sure, cooking pudding isn't baking, but it's still yummy.  I made a huge mess in the kitchen while making this.  It looked like Willy Wonka's factory had exploded.  I've never eaten pudding made from scratch.  I grew up on Jello pudding from a box.  Everyone my age must remember Bill Cosby wearing his crazy sweaters and eating Jello pudding in tv commercials.  You know what?  Cosby's Jello pudding wasn't that great.  That pudding made me ambivalent about pudding.

The hardest part about making pudding is waiting for it to firm up in the fridge before you can eat it.  After a few hours, it was ready.  The terrible photos I took with my phone do not do the pudding justice.  This was the best pudding I have ever had.  By far.  It was amazing.  It was creamy, chocolate goodness.  It was so much more than basic pudding.  This pudding changed my mind about what pudding could be.  That's two recipes I've tried from Flour, and two desserts that have been the best I have ever had of their ilk.

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