December 17, 2014

Dark chocolate and pumpkin swirl cake

My cousin got a free copy of Better Homes & Gardens. Since we both love everything pumpkin, she passed it on to me with the instructions to bake us some pumpkin goodness. First up was the cover, dark chocolate and pumpkin swirl cake.

I'd say this was more of a quick bread than a cake. It called for an orange glaze, which I didn't make. This was incredibly easy - and that's the only reason this recipe is going to stick around. My family went nuts for this. My cousin went so far as to say this was one of her favorite things. So, I guess I'll keep making it for them. But it's not great. It's okay. I found that neither the pumpkin flavor nor the chocolate flavor was particularly strong.

It was just okay. There are other pumpkin recipes in the magazine, and I'm going to try at least one more.

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