May 5, 2016


I cooked trout for the first time last week.

My father-in-law likes to fish, and last month he showed me how to cook and de-bone trout. Then he went fishing and brought some over for me and Dave. Yum!

It's easy to cook up the whole thing in the pan. Put butter in the pan, watch the fish change color from the bottom up, flip it over when it's half done, and cook it the rest of the way through. I had never cooked fish in a form other than fillets before now.

He told me something interesting: The trout in the rivers around here are stocked, so their meat is white because of what they're fed. If they stay around in the river for too long, they turn back to their natural color. He happened to catch one like that, and here's the difference...

Pretty cool! I was able to do a side-by-side taste test, and there was definitely a difference. But they were both delicious. You can't beat fresh fish. When Dave's dad dropped them off, he said they had been swimming in the river three hours ago. You can't get much more fresh than that.

Yes, those are planet plates.

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