June 4, 2016

Chicago rocks

I went to Chicago recently for work. I only had a few free hours on my last day between the end of meetings and my flight, but it was enough time for me to know I want to go back.

Chicago is pretty!

Chicago architecture is beautiful. There are a lot of interesting buildings. I walked around a bit through a nice park by the lake. My first Great Lake! And I saw this bean:

I don't know what this bean is, but there were birds sitting on top of it. I think it looks pretty neat. I only had a few hours, so I had a hard time deciding what I would do. I ended up heading to The Field Museum.

Sue the T-Rex greeted me as I walked in. That's not her real head on there. Her real head is upstairs, at a vantage point where you can look down at Sue. They said that Sue's real head was too heavy to go on her body in the display.

Two cool exhibitions happened to be there while I was there- women photographers and the terracotta warriors of China's first emperor.

I liked that there were terracotta horses, too.

And generals.

Okay, enough about the warriors. I just thought they were really neat. I never expected to be able to see them outside of China. After the museum I went to check out the lake again, then headed to the train to the airport.

But there's so much more I wanted to see! The planetarium, the art museum, Wrigley Field...Next time.

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