January 30, 2017

Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors

Speaking of a story with animated missing episodes...this one has two of its six episodes animated. It starts with the TARDIS landing on its side. The Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria have to climb out. This is something they forget by the end of the story, when the TARDIS dematerializes from an upright position.

the Doctor, Victoria, and Jamie

At first Jamie suggests the Doctor may have landed a little farther down the mountain from where they were in Tibet, but they find out that they're in the future, and the Earth's climate is undergoing an unexpected ice age due to human actions. Scientists have a plan to reverse it, and they must hold back the advancing glaciers at this location and others. There's a great scene between Jamie and Victoria in which he suggests Victoria start wearing clothes like the ladies in this place. She's horrified because the clothes are a little skimpy and she's from Victorian England!

Jamie, you devil

People at this location stumbled upon something in the ice. One of them calls it an "Ice Warrior." This is someone who doesn't know the Ice Warriors, and yet the name sticks in later stories as being the name of these aliens. They're actually from Mars. On to the animated episodes!

the Doctor and Jamie

I'm very excited about the animated episodes! Anyway, the Ice Warrior thaws out and takes Victoria hostage. She spends most of this story held captive by the Ice Warriors. The Doctor eventually goes to their ship to talk with them, but they don't really want to cooperate.

Ice Warriors with the Doctor

They really should've cooperated. In the end, their ship is destroyed and the scientists are successful in reversing the new Ice Age, with the Doctor's help. I like this story, but it would've been improved by cutting it down to four episodes. It felt like they were stretching to fill six.


Doctor: Second
Companions: Jamie, Victoria
Episode: #39, "The Ice Warriors," six parts
Adversary: the Ice Warriors
Classic Lines: Jan, to the Doctor: "Is that all you're taking?"; the Doctor: "Why? What else do I need?"; Clent: "The warriors are armed!"; the Doctor: "But I'm not going to fight a duel."
Tuck This Away to Impress Your Friends: The Ice Warriors are from Mars.
Next Up: "The Enemy of the World"

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