December 24, 2012

Chocolate Crackles

I made my favorite cookies today.

I usually refer to them as chocolate crinkle cookies, but I see that the recipe calls them chocolate crackles.  I've also seen them called snowcaps.  Whatever the name, they are delicious.  This time they weren't quite up to par because I couldn't find the cocoa powder I like (the recipe has both cocoa powder and a hefty amount of melted chocolate), but they were still good.  The recipe comes from a Martha Stewart one-off cookie magazine that was published a handful of years ago.  I couldn't find the recipe online to provide a link.  None of the online recipes were exactly the same, and they all had more than a few differences from the one I use.

This cookie dough isn't like normal dough.  It's more like batter.  These cookies are a mess to make.  The dough is divided up and chilled to make it easier to work with, yet it still becomes a sticky goop very quickly.  Oh, but they are soooo tasty.  The recipe makes a ton of cookies, so it's not like you work with a dough that is a massive pain and get hardly any cookies at the end, like when making gingerbread men.  I'm talking 65 to 80 cookies here, depending on the size of the dough balls.  The dough is formed into balls and rolled in granulated sugar and confectioners sugar (granulated first, then confectioners.)  When the cookies flatten in the oven, they take on their cracked appearance.  Yum.

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