January 18, 2013

New England is great

It has been brought to my attention that I should blog about going away last weekend.  I haven't been in a blogging mood lately, but I'll write a bit about my visit.  I love New England. I lived there for four years during college, and I used to go back all the time to visit.  A trip to New England was long overdue.  My friend Josh and I drove up together, and he posted his own account of the trip on his blog.  He dubbed this weekend Tim-a-palooza because we were each visiting a different friend named Tim.

Josh's Tim lives in NH, so that was the first stop.  (Interesting coincidence- my Tim also used to live in New Hampshire.)  I had dinner with the two of them, plus Tim's roommates, all really great people, and then I headed to Boston to see my Tim.  I had a fantastic time hanging out with Tim, his wife, and his young daughter.  We ate so much on Saturday that I think I'm still full.  Tim likes to cook and to bake, as I do, and he put both of those skills to use.  Pancakes from scratch and chocolate cake.  Yum.  What else did we eat on Saturday?  There was falafel, a cheesy pastry thing, copious amounts of Thai food, cinnamon bread, and earthquake cookies. We also had amazingly delicious wine and cheese from a shop around the corner from his place in Cambridge.  I could live off of wine and cheese.  The wine and cheese made me very happy.

Hanging out with Tim and his wife and daughter made me very happy, too.  I was thinking about how long I've known Tim.  It has been almost twenty years.  We met when we lived down the hall from each other during our freshman year of college.  I don't remember if I met Tim the first day, but it was certainly the first week.  He is like a brother to me.  Tim is the kind of friend who if we don't see or talk to each other for a little while, when we do, it's like no time has passed.  He married someone who is equally awesome, and his daughter is wonderful, too.

Tim's wife had to work on Sunday, so in the morning, the two of us went for a walk with his daughter around a lake near his place.  There I discovered that I need to start doing yoga again. Why?  Tim's daughter wanted me to carry her around the lake.  She barely weighs more than my beagle, but I was having a hard time after a while.  In the afternoon, Josh and Tim and one of Tim's roommates came to Boston, and we went to bookstores and a Japanese market and a Vietnamese restaurant.  (Another interesting coincidence- the first time I had pho was when I was visiting Tim when he lived in Los Angeles.)  I wish that my Tim could have come with us, but he had to stay home with his daughter.

It was a fun trip.  I always feel at home when I'm in New England.  I don't get to see Tim enough.  I hope he knows how much I treasure his friendship.  It was nice to meet Josh's Tim in person.  He is just as cool as Josh always says he is.  And of course it was nice to spend time with my friend Josh, who doesn't live nearby anymore.  It was an all-around excellent weekend.

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