May 17, 2013

Longwood Gardens in May

I went to Longwood Gardens a few weeks ago.  I love Longwood Gardens; I used to go more often when I lived closer.  It's a great place to visit any time of year.  

I never went while the Garden Walk was blooming with tulips, though.  That occurs during only a few weeks every year in the spring.  It was amazing.  Thousands upon thousands of tulips in many different colors were in bloom.  

I happened to like these pale pinks ones.  (I like pale pink roses, too.)  White daffodils are mixed in with the tulips here.  

I think the pale pink tulips come in second to these beautiful white ones, though.  (Okay, so I like white roses, too.)  

There were quite a few yellow tulips... several different varieties.  

I had never seen tulips quite like these.  

There were traditional red tulips, too.  

These flowers are also tulips.  

Enough tulip photos.  Here's an arbor.  That's wisteria to the right.  

This goose was wandering a path near one of the lakes.  He let me get close enough to pet him, but I thought better of it.  

Longwood Gardens is on over 1,000 acres.  I was there for hours, walking around the grounds and the large conservatory building.  But this time, I was there for the tulips.  I was not disappointed.  

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