June 27, 2014

Single White Necromancer Seeks Same

A friend of mine published a book. He's a brilliant writer, and I'm so proud of him! Right now it's available at Amazon.com as an ebook. I don't have a Kindle, but I can read it on my computer or download a Kindle app to read it on my phone.

The name of this book? Single White Necromancer Seeks Same. From the description:

"When Genevieve's auguries point to the imminent end of the world, she does what any modern young necromancer would do, and places an ad in the online personals. 

If you only read one Lovecraftian Horror/screwball comedy this year, make it this one!"

My own summary? In years in which a full moon falls on Halloween, good and evil battle it out to see if the world is going to end. This is one of those years.

That's my photo on the cover, too. The book is fantastic. Check it out. 


  1. I've never met your friend, but, based on your description, he sounds like the greatest human being who ever lived, and further, everyone should buy a million copies of his book.


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