July 4, 2014

Nutmeg spice cake with creamy rum buttercream

I wanted to make a cake. I was going to make a chocolate cake, but lacking a key ingredient I couldn't substitute, I went with the nutmeg spice cake from Flour.

I wasn't really sure what this would taste like. I thought, hm, this has delicious spices in it, let me try it. There wasn't a photo in Flour, so I wasn't even sure what it would look like. 

Of course, it is an established fact that I can't ice a cake. I'm terrible at it! That's not to say I won't get better, but right now my cakes sometimes look kind of sad. 

Oh, but buttercream frosting made from scratch is just so very good. This one was a rum buttercream. I didn't have the dark rum called for in the recipe, so I had to use Captain Morgan. It worked. The frosting had a nice rum flavor, but it wasn't overpowering. It nicely complemented the spices in the cake. While I was making it, I started to get a little worried that it wasn't going to come together. I walked away from the stand mixer thinking that maybe I'd have to throw it in the fridge for a bit. When I walked back ten seconds later...ta da! Buttercream frosting.

The cake? YUM. The cake itself was good to the point that I was thinking I could make it as a cake with no frosting at all. It was light and moist and tasty.

Another winner from Flour.

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