September 3, 2014

Doctor Who: The Web Planet

This story is unbearably boring. Skip it. It's boring, and it's six episodes long! It does have ant people as bad guys, though.

The Zarbi. And a cockroach with fringe?

The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Vicki are all stuck on this planet, as usual. They run into ant people, bee people, and something else entirely.

Really, this is terrible. The only reason to watch is the weird creatures and bad costumes. In investigating this episode, I see that the Menoptra are referred to as butterfly-like. I think they look like bees.


I had a very hard time sticking with this one to the end. I can't even give a summary of what it's about because the plot is so boring.

Is that a brain or a spider?

This episode was especially disappointing since the previous one was so good. On to "The Crusade!"


Doctor: First
Companions: Ian, Barbara, Vicki
Episode: #13, "The Web Planet," six parts- 'The Web Planet,' 'The Zarbi,' 'Escape to Danger,' 'Crater of Needles,' 'Invasion,' 'The Centre'
Adversary: the Zarbi, the Animus
Classic Lines: the Doctor, on communicating with the Zarbi: "Apart from rubbing our legs together like some sort of grasshopper, I doubt if we can get on speaking terms with them."
Tuck This Away to Impress Your Friends: Vicki is from Earth in the future, but has never heard of aspirin.
Next Up: "The Crusade"


  1. HAHAHAHA! I love laughing at the "monsters" in these old shows and their costumes, also. Too funny.

    1. Yes! The monsters make this episode.


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