February 15, 2016

Caramel pound cake

This past weekend I made a caramel pound cake. I got the recipe from Saveur magazine.

I suppose it's caramel because of the brown sugar in both the cake and the icing. It was delicious! The cake was moist, and the icing was tasty. Although, I will admit that the icing was very sweet- almost too sweet. I usually don't like icing so sweet.

I think the cake was more moist than a normal pound cake because of the brown sugar. I recently learned that brown sugar makes cakes moist and keeps them moist because the molasses pulls moisture from the air. Thanks, Alton Brown!

This cake is a definite make again cake. Even Dave liked it, and he isn't normally a fan of pound cake. I happen to love pound cake, so I'm always happy to find another good recipe.


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