September 24, 2016

Hawk Mountain

I went to Hawk Mountain recently to go hiking and maybe see some birds.

It wasn't what I expected, but it was fun. Some of the trails are dirt, but some are rocky and steep and require hands free to help you climb or balance as you along. I got a workout I wasn't expecting! I made my way up to the north lookout and was rewarded with a beautiful view and some interesting birds.

That's an owl perched on that pole. He wouldn't move, even though a merlin repeatedly dive bombed him. It was a nice day and a place worth checking out.


  1. How did you know it was a Merlin? Was it the hat?

    1. :)

      I know you're kidding, but as JC pointed out to me when we went birding, birders are really friendly! I didn't know it was a merlin. The birders at Hawk Mountain pointed that out. One person at the highest point also let everyone know when it was coming back around (when it was out of sight).


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