August 19, 2012

The Sun Beagle

My dog likes to lounge in the sun.  While he may act like Louis XIV sometimes, the title of this post refers to his love of basking in the warm sunlight, not his penchant for believing he is French royalty.
sleepy beagle
Being the beagle that he is, he is very stubborn.  What that means is that when the sun is out, it is very hard to get him to come inside.

Inside? You must be mad. I won't hear of it.
The beagle suddenly develops hearing problems.  The word "treat" means nothing to him. Neither does "come here."  Or "Kenobi."

If I close my eyes, you cease to exist.
It's funny how that works.  My dog knows what "pumpkin" means but if it's sunny he forgets his own name.  He would sit outside all day if I let him.  He could be panting up a storm.  He doesn't care.  He must be in the sun.  Sometimes I have to go up to him and remind him that he's supposed to listen to me, or at least humor me, and come when I call.

You were talking to me?  Surely there must be another Kenobi around here... 
My dog is aware of the power of his cuteness.  I'm sure of this.  I tell him he has to come inside, and he turns on the charm.

You can't resist when I do this with my ears.
How confident is he in his power?  He looks at me with that sweet beagle face, and then he promptly goes back to ignoring me.

If I look away, maybe she will leave.
Often he can be lured inside with the promise of ice cubes.  When he is done eating them, he wants to go right back outside again.  How do I know if he really has to go or if he is tricking me?
I'm tricking you.
The old man beagle gets very sad if he doesn't get his way.

But he usually does.  That's the power of the Sun Beagle.

Le chien, c'est moi.

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  1. He's so cute! Loved the captions! :o)


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