March 8, 2013

Cake domes, or sort of black and white cookies

What are these weird looking things?

Cake domes?  Actually, they're black and white cookies.  The recipe came from an issue of Food & Wine that was published in 2004.  It was the October issue, and they were called black-and-orange cookies.  I change the icing color according to holidays or my mood or other random factors.  Blue is my favorite color, so today they are blue.  True, I prefer navy blue, but this color blue will do.  

Why are they called cake domes?  You are supposed to flip over the cookies and put the icing on the flat side.  I don't do that.  I frost the rounded side.  When I worked in a bookstore, I regularly brought in stuff I baked.  A co-worker of mine christened these "cake domes" because they are domed and because they taste more like cake than cookies.  I like that better than black and white cookies, especially since I'm always changing the color on the non-chocolate side.  

Cake domes are a lot of work for not that much payoff.  I get about two dozen cookies from the recipe.  I don't make them very often.  I don't think they're all that good.  But, as with some other things I bake, my family likes cake domes, so I make the cookies for them.  


  1. I used to LOVE B&W cookies. Haven't had them though, since the gluten tragedy.

    1. Maybe there is a gluten-free version you haven't found yet?

    2. Hooray, it's true!

    3. Cool! You should make some.


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