May 12, 2013

Cream scones - tea biscuit attempt number one

UPDATE! 9/12/2013 Tea biscuit attempt number four

It has been requested that I try to recreate tea biscuits from Termini's, a bakery in Philadelphia.  Termini's tea biscuits aren't cookies, what most people think when someone says tea biscuits.  They are actual biscuits that are sweet instead of savory.  The texture is similar to scones.  I found a recipe by Martha Stewart for cream scones.  These seemed most similar to how I thought one would go about making Termini's tea biscuits.

okay, not great
Termini's tea biscuits look like this, except they are bigger and have brown tops.  Termini's tea biscuits also have raisins.  These didn't taste like Termini's tea biscuits.  It's not that they weren't as good.  (They weren't.)  They weren't the same.  I have a few ideas on how to experiment with this recipe.  I don't usually deviate too much from a recipe when I bake.  When I cook, it's the opposite.  I rarely follow it exactly.  However, I felt that this recipe was on the right track.  I'm going to try again, using this recipe as a starting point.


  1. I've been searching the web off and on for a year now looking for a recipe for tea biscuits. Termini's just added tea biscuits to their online shopping site. However, it is $25 for 8 biscuits and I doubt that includes shipping. So I gave up trying to buy them and started looking again for a recipe. I'd be very interested to know what you come up with.

    1. It's tough to find a recipe for them. I'm going to keep trying and hopefully hit on something that comes close.

  2. I know these biscuits and I do miss them so, along with Philly soft pretzels, German butter cake and Tony's tomato pies. Tasty-kake is not what it used to be. My husband can do a pretty good soft pretzel, I found a butter cake recipe that I'm still perfecting, but this recipe is truly very elusive. I guess the only thing I miss about Philly is the food!

    1. Agreed- Philly has great food!


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