July 24, 2014

Doctor Who: The Rescue

This next story is a short one for Classic Who. It's only two episodes. This serial introduces the new companion, Vicki. She is an obvious replacement for Susan. I already like her better.

I like this story, but there isn't much to it. A spaceship from Earth crashed on the planet Dido. The crew and passengers survived, but were killed afterward by the inhabitants of the planet. Supposedly. Only Vicki and a man named Bennett are left. They are terrorized by one of the inhabitants, Koquillion.


Koquillion claims he is preventing them from being killed by the other inhabitants of Dido. This is odd, since the Doctor says that the people of Dido are friendly and peaceful. Vicki and Bennett are waiting for a rescue ship, which is due to arrive soon. The TARDIS crew shows up, and Koquillion traps the TARDIS, Ian, and the Doctor in a cave and forces Barbara off the edge of a cliff. Nice guy.

Vicki and Barbara

They all end up back at the crashed ship. The Doctor immediately figures out things aren't as they seem. Why didn't Vicki see the obvious? I don't know. She is the Susan replacement, after all. Vicki is sweet, and they all take to her right away. The Doctor is great with Vicki. He calms her down when she is upset. He's clearly fond of her. In general, the Doctor is continuing his trend of being friendlier to everyone. He isn't the extreme grump from the first season. The Doctor, Ian, and Barbara are getting along splendidly.

The Doctor invites Vicki to join them. At the same time, Ian and Barbara are discussing this very topic. They both want Vicki to come along with them, too. Vicki's father was killed on Dido, and her mother died on Earth before she left. She says yes, and off they go. This one ends on an interesting cliffhanger. They materialize, and the TARDIS falls off a cliff!


Doctor: First
Companions: Ian, Barbara, Vicki
Episode: #11, "The Rescue," two parts- 'The Powerful Enemy,' 'Desperate Measures'
Adversary: Koquillion
Classic Lines: Vicki: "They didn't have time machines in 1963. They didn't know anything then!"
Tuck This Away to Impress Your Friends: The Doctor says that switch number four opens the TARDIS doors.
Next Up: "The Romans"

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