March 24, 2016

Classic baked ziti

I recently made classic baked ziti from The Food Lab: Better Cooking Through Science.

As you can see, the dish I used for this wasn't quite big enough. I ended up having to stick a cookie sheet underneath while it was cooking because it was bubbling over! I need to get a bigger baking dish...because I will be making this again.

Dave has already declared that he would eat this every night. It's very tasty and very easy. The recipe uses an interesting technique. Instead of boiling the pasta before you bake it, you soak it. A pound of pasta gets soaked in hot salted water for thirty minutes, drained, and added to the rest of the ingredients. Brilliant! This makes things so much easier, and the texture of the pasta in the finished dish was great.

YUM. I didn't use ziti. I used penne instead. It really doesn't matter. I'll make this again, but I won't make it often. There's a pound of mozzarella, 12 ounces of ricotta, and a cup and a half of Parmigiano Reggiano in there. Also: heavy cream. SO GOOD.


  1. This looks delicious - and I love cheese! Yum

    1. I love cheese, too! You should try making this. It was tasty and easy!


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