June 25, 2016

Women's Rights National Park

I recently made a trip up to Women's Rights National Park in Seneca Falls, New York. I drove up through Pennsylvania into the Finger Lakes region of New York. It was gorgeous- mountains, valleys, farms, barns, animals, lakes, and pastures. I happened to be driving by Cayuga Lake around sunset. Beautiful! But the real purpose of my trip was to see where the first women's rights convention was held, back in 1848.

The chapel in which it was held has mostly been destroyed, but there's a building on the corner that's sort of been built around it and incorporates some of it. One of the rangers was telling me about it. Again, the rangers here were very friendly! And one of them liked my Wonder Woman backpack.

The visitor's center had some great exhibits about the convention and the women's rights movement.

Outside the visitor's center, a stone wall had the Declaration of Sentiments etched into it, as well as the names of the signers and the men who attended to support them. Water flowed down over the wall. It was neat.

It goes without saying that I stamped my passport here, right?

I really enjoyed my trip. I felt grateful to all the women who fought for our rights. I wish I could thank them.

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