July 21, 2013

Fort Mott

A couple of weeks ago I went to Fort Mott State Park with a cousin of mine.  I had never heard of it, but my cousin had been there before and suggested we go.  My cousin is awesome, by the way.  I don't just love her because she is family; I love hanging out with her, too.  This is the same cousin whose horse shows I've attended and with whom I went to New Bolton when her horse was having problems.  We go to the barn together fairly often, but this was the first non-horse related thing we've done together for a long time.

This is my cousin's horse. He's a cutie.
A cafe near Fort Mott allows members of a local photo club to hang photos there for sale.  My cousin belongs to the club, so we stopped at the cafe, The Graystone Cafe, on the way to the fort so that she could drop off a couple of framed prints.  We also picked up some food there and brought it to the park to eat before walking around.  I had a Caprese panini- tomato, mozzarella, basil, balsamic vinaigrette.  It's pretty much my ideal sandwich, and this one was delicious.

Time to walk around Fort Mott.  It's right on the Delaware River, south enough in New Jersey so that when looking across the river, it's Delaware and not Pennsylvania that's across the way.  We walked a path along the river and the sea wall.

An old watchtower presented itself as a subject for our cameras.

I liked the broken stairway and the keep off sign.

It was a little eerie.

It was kind of cool.

It was getting dark at this point, so the mosquitoes were in full-on attack mode.  Time to leave!  I had a lot of fun.  Fort Mott is a neat little place.

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