July 27, 2014

Summer of Jen - a Jen update

I sort of got away from posting personal stuff on my blog. I've been blogging about Doctor Who and baking, but not much else. Here's an update.

I'm not even sure where to start. My boyfriend is wondering why I haven't mentioned him at all on my blog. That's not completely true. He was one of the friends I mentioned when I wrote about going to New Hope. I tweeted about him once, but he isn't on Twitter. It was something about feeling like a Capulet dating a Montague. He's a Yankees fan, and I'm a Red Sox fan. Anyway, I suppose this post will be about stuff we've done together.

The above photos were taken at a diner in his hometown. We both look thrilled to be having our pictures taken! Yes, we're both wearing Doctor Who shirts. Dave's Yankees hat/Doctor Who shirt combination makes me think of the rare Hodgman nerd/jock convergence. I think Dave prefers photos of both of us together.

This is a shame because I like taking pics of him, especially when he isn't looking.

The above photo and the two below were taken on Mount Parnassus. We both love doing things outdoors, so we've been doing a lot of that the past few months. Dave took me on a climb up a mountain. Hm, more like a giant hill. Or a tiny mountain. A literal climb. You aren't exactly supposed to go up there. It's blocked off by a fence. However, the fence has been cut through, and we climbed up.

There's a nice view from the top. I was in the zone taking photos, and I think he was worried that I was going to topple off the edge. He tried to keep me away from the cliffside as best he could.

One time we went to Spruce Run. We stayed up all night, hit a diner at 4 a.m., then drove out to the park. This is why I look like an insane person in this photo. I hadn't slept for quite some time.

The benefit of staying up all night is that it's much easier to catch a sunrise. Dave found some skeletal fish, so I posed with one.

That's his hoodie. He's a tall guy. Very tall. Much taller than me. One day we drove out to Sandy Hook. I had never been there. We walked for hours and hours, and we saw New York from the beach. We've been to Merrill Creek a couple times, too. It's fun to walk there. It's a beautiful place. We have season passes to Dorney Park. There is nothing like going to Dorney on a weeknight for a few hours before they close. No lines! I'm spoiled now. I don't know how I'm going to wait for two hours to get on a ride again when we've been waiting five to ten minutes to get on roller coasters and not at all for other rides. I love the log flume. I don't know why. It's just fun.

One weekend we headed to the Poconos. I had been to Bushkill Falls with my cousin, and I thought Dave would like it.

There are a handful of waterfalls and several cool trails. It's a great place. How do I know Dave is the right guy for me? We start walking around and he says that it looks like Ewoks should be wandering around the place. (Another clue that Dave is perfect for me? He finds a documentary about the Revolutionary War on tv for us to watch, and we start talking about plate tectonics. Ah, we're so wonderfully geeky.)

Dave taught me how to play a game called quoits. I had never heard of this game. I'm terrible at it, but it's a lot of fun. I do tend to get ringers, but otherwise, I am bad. I need more practice. Oh, and I don't have any other pics, so I'm going to keep using ones from Bushkill.

Dave has introduced me to the wonder that is iced coffee, so now I'm addicted to Wawa mocha mint iced coffee. This is probably payback for me addicting him to Dunkin' Donuts Oreo cookie coolattas. We've spent some time hanging out with our mutual friends who live in North Jersey, which is always a good time. We've hit the farmers' markets in Easton and Quakertown. 

Maybe I should say a little bit about Dave? He's smart and creative and geeky and funny and wonderful. He is also thoughtful, considerate, kind, and a genuine good person. He is incredibly supportive of me. He's super cute and sexy. :) He's awesome. 

How about some non-boyfriend related news? Kenobi is showing signs of his age but otherwise doing well. I have discovered that the UK tv show Being Human is amazing. I haven't been out taking photos too much, and I miss it. Update over! Time to return to baking and Doctor Who.


  1. Your stupid boyfriend was here tonight and he stole our silverware, ate our goldfish, clogged up our toilet and impregnated our cat.

    Also, he wouldn't take his turn on Heads Up! Boo!

    1. So his hatred of cats is an elaborate ruse!

      Heads Up is fun. We should play that again.

  2. Yay, awesome post is awesome!


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