April 3, 2016

Best wedding cake ever!

Check out this wedding cake.

It's my wedding cake! Dave and I went to Hawaii for two weeks in January, and we got married. We didn't tell anyone about this until we got back. I will blog about the Hawaii trip at some point.

My mom wanted to have a party for us, since we didn't have a reception. I vetoed this idea but suggested my parents could have a cake for us at Easter dinner.

I knew the cake was going to be a caramel cream cake from Sweet Eats, but I never expected it to be the most perfect wedding cake Dave and I could ever have, including both of our favorite ships from Star Wars (mine = Millennium Falcon, Dave = X-Wing).

My parents special ordered the topper with our names and the date of the wedding, and they bought the little ships and put it all together themselves. Sweet Eats just wrote "Congratulations Jen & Dave."

Dave and I were completely surprised and floored by this amazing Star Wars cake. I couldn't have come up with something this good if I had done it myself.

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