November 3, 2012

DUCKSTORM at the lake

This lake is around the corner:

I never knew it existed.  One day I drove by and thought, hey, there's a lake- I should go check it out.  So I did.  It was a dark, overcast day.  There was a bench by the lake, so I sat down to relax and take in the scenery.  That's when I heard the quacking.  Ducks are cute!  I am a friend to ducks.  They were hanging out in the lake, and I was minding my own business on the bench.  In the photo above, they are almost all to the left, out of frame, but there is a rogue duck lurking close to the water's edge.  The ducks started to come closer.  Onward they swam, a giant mass of fowl, forming itself into a line and coming right for me.  They arrived on land as DUCKSTORM, the water fowl version of DOGSTORM.  The quacking was thunderous, and the ducks were annoyed because I had no offering with which to appease them.  

a small portion of DUCKSTORM
Bread?  Crackers?  Nothing.  Demanding food, they swarmed the bench, pleading with their sweet, yet murderous, avian eyes.  You will feed DUCKSTORM, they seemed to say.  The ducks pecked at the ground like I had already thrown food and they had simply missed it, so incomprehensible was it that I could have nothing for them.  Eventually, they got sick of this disappointing visitor to their lake and went back in the water to swim and do whatever ducks do to amuse themselves.  DUCKSTORM had passed.  All was well.  

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