September 5, 2013

Jim Thorpe

I recently drove up to Jim Thorpe, a small town in the Pocono Mountains.  I hadn't been there in years, but I always enjoyed it when my aunt lived near there and I visited.

looking down over Jim Thorpe
The town is nestled in a valley and sits next to the Lehigh River.  I parked by the river and walked around for a couple of hours.  

the Lehigh
It was a nice day- surprisingly warm for the Poconos in September.  I wandered in and out of the little shops on the main street of the town.  Me being me, I had to hit the used bookstore, in which I met the used bookstore cat.  This cat was content to lie sleepily on a chair while I pet him.  He did not have any book recommendations.  I also had to stop in a coffee shop while I was there.  This one was filled with Beatles art. 

I would have spent more time walking around, but half the shops were closed.  I drove up to a lookout point on a mountain near Jim Thorpe.  There I met two nice, retired gentlemen who were quite chatty.  One of them used to be a history teacher, so he gladly shared all the local history with me- Asa Packer, Mauch Chunk, Jim Thorpe (the person), and various other tidbits about things like zinc mining.  I like history, so it was interesting to me.  I'm glad I met them.  The view was fantastic from up there, too.  

The area around Jim Thorpe is beautiful.  There is something very soothing to me about being in the mountains.  Mountains make me happy, be they tiny mountains like the Poconos or giant mountains like the Rockies.  

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  1. Sounds like you had a nice, peaceful time. Fun, too! I also love the mountains so I really liked the pics. Glad you enjoyed your time there.


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