September 25, 2013

Yellow cake with fluffy chocolate frosting

A good friend of mine recommended Flour, Joanne Chang's cookbook.  The recipes aren't basic, but the instructions are excellent.  The results are delicious.

I don't have this cookbook, but I found its recipe for yellow cake with fluffy chocolate frosting on the Serious Eats website.  It's a yellow cake with a buttercream frosting.

I am picky about icing on cake.  I don't like it too sweet.  Most of the time, a large portion of cake frosting stays on my otherwise empty plate.  This frosting was perfect.  It was chocolately and not too sweet, flavored by adding a chocolate ganache to the buttercream base.

The cake itself was moist and tasty.  My friend was right.  This is probably the best yellow cake I've ever had.

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