June 15, 2014

Doctor Who: Planet of Giants

Right off the bat, I'm going to say that this one is pretty bad. It's gimmicky, and it doesn't work for me. The entire story revolves around the fact that the crew of the TARDIS has been shrunk to the size of an inch. 

What is that crazy cape?

The Doctor is extra grumpy and condescending to Ian and Barbara in the beginning of the episode. Big surprise there. Somehow the TARDIS doors open during materialization, and "space pressure" makes them all small. Except, why is the TARDIS small, too? They don't realize they're small until they go outside and see giant ants and earthworms and matchboxes. One thing I found funny was that when the Doctor splits them up to go exploring, he pairs himself with Barbara; Ian loudly sighs in this horribly disappointed way. Hee! Ian has such a thing for Barbara. 

The next episode is "The Dalek Invasion of Earth." There are a few good things I remember from that one, not least of which is that it's the episode in which Susan says her goodbye. 


Doctor: First
Companions: Ian, Barbara, Susan
Episode: #9, "Planet of Giants," three parts- 'Planet of Giants,' 'Dangerous Journey,' 'Crisis'
Adversary: Giant things? Pesticide?
Classic Lines: the Doctor to Ian, on whether the Doctor can return them to normal size, "Of course I can, dear boy, of course I can...I hope."
Tuck This Away to Impress Your Friends: Susan says that the most dangerous part of a journey in the TARDIS is materialization. 
Next Up: "The Dalek Invasion of Earth"

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