June 19, 2014

Homemade oreos

I tried another recipe from Flour last night- homemade oreos. It's not like I was craving oreos. I happened to have all the ingredients, so that's what I made.

During every step of the process, I was convinced these wouldn't turn out right. I didn't think it looked how it should. I didn't think the dough was the consistency it should be.

When I went to slice the log of dough, some of the slices were falling apart and I had to mush them back together. I probably should have let the dough refrigerate longer, but I was impatient for cookies!

In the end, these cookies were amazing. Of course they were. Everything from Flour is amazing. The texture of the chocolate cookies was just like oreos. The filling, dare I say it, surpassed that of oreos.

I wasn't just pleasantly surprised that the cookies turned out okay. I was blown away by how I had made oreos at home. Giant oreos. Crunchy, delicious oreos.


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