April 25, 2016

Weyerbacher brewery

Dave and I went to the Weyerbacher brewery this past weekend. It's a local brewery, and I'm a big fan of their beer, even though they discontinued my favorite one, Verboten. I found this out this past weekend. No wonder it has been so hard to find lately.

The tour was short but sweet. We hung out in the tap room before and for a bit after.

Dave doesn't like Weyerbacher. He won't drink most beer. I won't shame this blog by saying what beer he drinks all the time. *Shudder* Needless to say, it's embarrassing to see it in my recycling bin. :) The point is, he was a good sport for coming along even though he wasn't interested. It was even his idea!

We went in the afternoon, and by the time we were leaving, it was getting crowded. I'd like to go back and try more beer. The one in the photo, QUAD, is 12 ounces, but they have four ounce pours that are great for trying things out. And now that I've gone to the page for QUAD, I see that it is seasonal. Sigh. I better get it while I can.

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