August 1, 2014

Vanilla bean pound cake

Pound cake has been my nemesis for years. It never turns out right. Even the last time I made pound cake, using a recipe from Flour, it was only meh. I like pound cake. A lot. Not being one to give up, I tried again. I used a variation on that same recipe from Flour, but this time I made vanilla bean pound cake.

Wow. It was great!! The texture, the flavor- everything. It was delicious. It was moist. It was dense, but not too dense. It baked through evenly, and I didn't feel like the section on the top that cracked open was undercooked.

This is the best pound cake I've ever made. I don't know why a variation on the same recipe turned out so much better, but it did. I've been told that I need to make another one ASAP. I was told the night I made this that I needed to make another one that same night.

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